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In short, in plump and in good humour



Wendy Evans is a Welsh nut who, brought up in an Air Force family, travelled widely in UK.

After scholarship studies in English language and literature, geography, art and comparative religion, she attended the University of Wales, where she took a BSc in geography, geology, economics, and biology.


She taught in UK and Germany while married to an RAF officer, with whom she had three children, working as an artist during the vegetable years. They migrated to Australia and spent 14 years in the Pilbara iron ore mines where she worked as a mine geologist and geological cartographic artist. She ran art and drama classes, community organizations, wrote and staged revues and plays, ran a community coffee shop and became the entertainment manager for large social club, staging top international acts.


Wendy wrote for the West Australian (state daily) and its North West paper for eight years, as well as free-lancing for four other daily, Sunday and regional papers. She had a late child and started writing stories during that period, winning several awards, and writing folk music for WA's 150th celebrations, a major musical narrative, now on CD, and a musical drama for the National Folk Festival.


When the Evans's returned to city life she became a full time journalist, winning major awards, writing humorous and satirical columns syndicated across 13 papers. She wrote Community Newspaper style-book and trained its cadets. As a member of the National

Speakers Association she was in demand by community groups for talks on the importance of recording family history and ways to use the media.


Wendy passed away in 2008 with almost 20 unpublished novels completed - her works are being published by her daughters, Leigh, Suzanne and Michelle. She is still greatly missed by friends and family.


If you enjoyed her books, please take the time to recommend it to other purchasers with a review or star rating via your retailer.

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